Our Love For Wine Is Your Reward

At IG Winery, there is a common thread through our entire staff. From management to marketing to operations to administration, each and every person has a rich love of wine. And it is this passion that’s reflected in the wines you drink today.

 But why a winery in Utah of all places? While other areas of the country are known for their wines, Utah was not. By combining the time-tested experience and talent of our personnel, with the ideal traffic rich location of Cedar City, we are able to achieve the best of both worlds.

A world class boutique winery, bolstered by a steady stream of visitors who come from nearby Bryce and Zion national parks, as well other attractions like the Shakespeare Festival and Southern Museum of Art (SUMA). We love our wines but we never lose sight that it is a business needing customers like you to see success and longevity.

To further enhance your experience, we have launched a fully redesigned Tasting Room offering an atmosphere of quality and taste equal to the

IG wines themselves. Our intent was to create an escape from the day while enjoying whichever white or red you might prefer (or both as many patrons do). 

If you are reading this we know you enjoy wines too and we extend a warm invitation to see you in your upcoming Utah travel plans.


IG Winery

Meet the Team

Doug McCombs

Our Visionary Winemaker


Here’s where our superb reputation starts. As co-owner and winemaker, Doug creates the vision and flavors of the winery that have become our identity. Superior wines served in a complimentary atmosphere all have Doug’s signature on them. While our wines fuel our success, he is totally devoted to providing the finest guest experience possible. Stop by and see for yourself.

Tony Piersanti

Marketing Manager


As Marketing Manager, Anthony (Tony) uses his background in hospitality and sales to promote the winery throughout the Southwest. Tony promotes the winery through social media, local businesses and print media to make sure that the winery is always in the forefront of the minds of wine lovers that visit Southern Utah. Tony also works to promote wine club memberships and book the winery for weddings and special events.

Winery History

A Decade+ “Overnight Success” – The IG Winery Story

Becoming Utah’s premier winery is like the production of a fine wine… the right ingredients are critical for success. In our case, it took the perfect combination of vision, perseverance, hard work, insight and a dash of luck, to go from one man’s dream, to the success we are today.


From Gaming to Grapes – The Vision Realized. At the beginning Doug McCombs, a Las Vegas business executive, took his personal fascination with winemaking the next step and decided to immerse himself in the winemaking process with the eventual goal of producing his own wine. Applying the many aspects of his diverse education, it all came together in 2006 with his personal first vintage production. Not stopping there, Doug continued to expand his knowledge base by studying in numerous other wineries, and undertaking all job responsibilities to provide the broad foundation of what it takes to be a successful winemaker.


What Better Place for a Winery Than… Southern Utah? – As the popularity of Doug’s wine grew over the years, so did the end goal of having his own winery and tasting room. But where should he locate the winery? Looking at the world through rosé colored glasses, it was Southern Utah that filtered out as the destination of choice, specifically Cedar City.

Location, Location, Location. The three rules of real estate also work well for a winery and tasting room. Southern Utah has great exposure to tourists and popular attractions, like national parks and the Shakespearian Festival, that generate the volume of floor traffic needed to sustain a successful business.

So, in 2012, with the support of a small group of wine loving partner/investors, a cottage at a beautiful and historical Cedar City Bed and Breakfast grounds were transformed in to the first IG Winery production facility and tasting room. For the next few years it served as our base to grow the popularity and success of the IG brand.

Sharing Our Success with You – In early 2017, we opened our new location, nearly four times the size of our first, at 59 West Center St. in Cedar City. Complemented by a complete visual rebranding from architecture to graphics, our investment of talent and sweat, along with a very loyal customer base, has helped us achieve our goal of becoming Utah’s premier winery.

We look forward to sharing our superior wines, beautiful winery and elegant tasting room with you on your next visit to Utah!

Cheers from all of us at IG Winery!

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